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There are currently two (2) songs available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from my catalog:

The first is the song “The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto” from my 2010 release, Balance. You can download the song by clicking here, and it’s available in a number of formats (including mp3 and hi-rez FLAC) of your choice. Now that’s democracy in action!

The second is the song “Prodigal Son” also from Balance, and you can download that song my joining my mailing list. If you’re at, then the mailing list widget is on the right side of the page. You can also go to my ReverbNation page and join the mailing list there.




1st Q 2011: A Quick Update

Hello, all. How are you? Oh, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

These first few months of 2011 have been somewhat of a whirlwind at and all associated with Davis Manor. The sheer amount of snow and bad weather we’ve had in Upstate has been a bit startling, and it certainly has caused travel and scheduling issues for many. In fact, we’ve had more days off due to bad weather, water main breaks, and power outages at the college that it’s possible that if it keeps up we could have almost the same number of days off than on. Bizarre.

I took 4 students to Anaheim, CA for the Winter NAMM convention in January, and fun was had by all. Amongst seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and checking out new gear, we were able to check out performances by Animals As Leaders (amazing), King’s X (beyond amazing, as always), Jeff Scott Soto, Fozzy (Chris Jericho’s band….!), an all-star jam featuring too many icons to mention, and STRYPER!!! Stryper was my favorite band growing up (yes, bumble bee costumes ‘n all), so it was great nostalgia. Plus, they sounded really good and are touring on a new album with all original members. Pictures from the weekend can be found on my Facebook page.

On the music front, I’ve been working on a few new songs for a possible new project. Two of them have the music and arrangements complete (still need lyrics) and a number of other ideas are brewing. Ones that may be a departure from what I’ve done in the past. Again, they are just ideas so we’ll see if they come to fruition. My initial thoughts would be to either record/release one song per month from now through summer or possibly just release a 6-7 song EP once the tracks are finished. Life really wouldn’t allow for much sooner of a timeframe. The “departure” project (as it were) would be completely separate from this. Or so I think. Again, brewing.

For the guitar geeks out there, I’ve been working on a new pedal board for live performance. Pictures can be seen on my music Facebook page, so go check them out. Thanks to Mark and Tony at Lava Cable for hooking me up with all of the cabling needed. They make amazing products, and I’m glad to say that they are working with me as an Artist. My entire rig (from stem to stern) is outfitted with Lava Cable, and things are working out swimmingly. Their solder-less patch cable system is probably the best I’ve seen (and heard).

Still on the lookout for musicians for live performance. Have a few leads, but nothing has transpired yet. Time and weather have certainly been a hindrance, so hopefully things will open up and present themselves shortly.

I think that’s all. If not, I’ll let you know. Say “hi” to the fam’ for me, and I’ll catch up with you later. Great talking with you again.