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the state of 2010 (or “where the heck did you disappear to, davis?”)

Hello. It's been a while, hasn't it? How are you? I'm fine...really!

2010 has been quite a year. I hope it has been the same for you. Life’s never dull, huh? Yet, let’s be honest: we’d really have it no other way, right?

The good:

I recorded and released my latest album “Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto” (which you can access, of course, at a variety of online distributors…all of which are listed in great detail at Heck, it’s even available there in the MUSIC section of the site), our family adopted a Flat Coated Retriever puppy ( pictured here who is now 8 mo old and BIG), my wife’s job was adjusted to where she now directs all high school music ensembles (as well as many others), the kids are growing like weeds and are as wonderful as ever, I’ve increased my artist relationships with additional guitar/music manufactures, I continue to hear music I have written on various tv shows, my curriculum overhaul of the college’s Music Industry degree went live in August, etc…

The sad:

Lucy, our wonderful Golden Retriever of 11 years, was hit by a car on the night of July 5th. She previously never left the property, but I think the fireworks going off nearby made her uncomfortable that night and sent her down the road. Too many people drive way too fast on our road because (1) it’s in the country; and (2) it’s a straightaway, so it’s not the safest of roads at any time let alone at night. We searched and searched but didn’t find her until a week later buried in a ditch about 200 yards from our property. We unfortunately had to bury her there as well. To say the kids have taken it hard would be an understatement. To say that us adults have taken it hard would be an understatement.

The not necessarily bad, but what makes you tilt your head like a dog and say “huh…”:

After Jason Davis & the New Philosophers played our last show in 2009 opening for Days of the New, the band disintegrated. No hard feelings between anyone at all. In fact, I’m still friends with both Eric and Josh. It’s just that while we had mucho funno jamming together, our personal likes in music didn’t mesh. They wanted to play heavier music, and I wasn’t really into that. They’ve put a new project together which seems to be more up their alley, so I wish them all the luck in the world. They are great players (and, more importantly, great guys), and they deserve it.

Plus, I wasn’t in a frame of mind to gig at the time. I wanted to work on a new album. Y’know, album? That word that seems to be fading off into the sunset because of the industry’s full circle turn back to ’55 with digital downloads? I had material that the band had played live plus additional music that they hadn’t touched that was ready, and I wanted to get started on a new release. I also wanted to have complete control on how the parts were going to sound and be played, and the situation I was in at the time may not have let that happen to its fullest. So I started recording in the Spring. Everything was done at home for not only economic reasons but also for the luxury of taking my time to make sure it came out the way I wanted it. By the end of June, “Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto” was available online from my site followed by a CD and digital release all over the internet on July 27, 2010. The album was received well. Success!

Then something weird happened…

I had been having trouble with tendinitis in my left wrist/hand for quite a while, and Aleve had become my friend. My right hand, however, hadn’t bothered me much in the past. However, in July I started losing feeling in my right hand fingers. It seemed to happen overnight but then got worse as the weeks went on. I couldn’t feel anything when trying to pick it up (medication, a guitar pick, pencil, etc). The result: No live playing for me. No live support of the new album. Hmm…

After numerous visits to a specialists and lots of tests (including an EMG where I felt a bit like the Spider-man nemesis Electro from all of the shock treatments), it was determined that I had carpal tunnel issues and needed to have surgery. The recovery time was to be 4-6 weeks and then everything would go back to normal. That was October and while I finally do have some strength back in my wrist to the point where picking up light things no longer is difficult, I still have no feeling back in my fingers. The doctor says that it’s probably because things are still swollen from the surgery and then the continual use of my hand/wrist has slowed down the process, but my right wrist is actually looks smaller than my left one. Now my left wrist is acting up again, specifically the 2nd thumb joint from the tip and the joint where the thumb meets the wrist. I had a nice shot of cortisone in the latter which made it feel better, so hopefully one will be given to the former in January.

To add insult to injury, I screwed up my back a few weeks ago and look like an old man walking around once evening sets in. Lovely.

I’ve started playing again regardless of the lack of feeling on the right and the pain on the left. Once the holidays pass, I will be looking to jam with other musicians with the hopes of playing live later this year. Plus I already have some ideas for new songs, so the writing process will commence with even more ideas on a few recording projects for this year. It’s been too long since I’ve fired up the amp. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…

I’m making a New Year’s resolution to blog at least once a week on musical things going on in my life as well as industry items as the world of music continues to change. The problem is that I hate NY resolutions and never keep them, so go figure.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you on the flip side.