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PRESS RELEASE: New Album By Jason Davis Released Today


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July 27, 2010 (Utica, NY) – Firedome Music (in conjunction with Spinning Axis Music) announces the release of the new album by guitarist/songwriter Jason Davis entitled Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto. Recorded during the spring of 2010, the nine-song album is Davis’ first collection of new material since his 2006 release, [the red album], and his latest offering since his 2008 live album, Lunar Eclipse Live.

As someone who has worked in a variety of positions within the music industry (including performer, publisher, licensor, composer for film/television, presenter, educator, engineer, and producer), Davis has always strived to be constantly aware of the state of the music industry, including the distribution and access of music. With that in mind, Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto is not only available for purchase on all of the mainstream online retail outlets, but it is also available on his website as a “name your price” download through a service provided by BandCamp.

“Technology has provided us with the ability to access music in so many ways that it doesn’t make sense to exclude one over the other“, said Davis. “If people prefer to get their music on CD, then they can buy my new album from Amazon or CDBaby or Best Buy. If they prefer to download or stream their music, then they can get the tracks through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, or Zune. However, I have also partnered with a company called Bandcamp that allows me to offer downloads of the album at any price.”

Through, an interested party can determine for themselves how much they want to pay for the album and be able to download the music as high quality mp3s or lossless FLAC files. “File sharing and P2P (peer-to-peer) networks have not crippled the music industry as some would like us to believe, “ said Davis, “but have actually allowed more people to access and enjoy music than ever before. This is especially helpful for artists not on a major label. File sharing along with the various promotional tools on the internet really cause the major record labels to be obsolete. I’m more interested in getting my music out there than worrying about how much to charge for it.”

Davis describes Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto as his “70s-80s classic rock album.” “I’ve released albums with a variety of musical focuses: prog-rock, guitar instrumental electronica, jazz-rock, etc. So I guess this is a straight-forward rock album showing my influences as I grew up through the 70s and 80s.” The 41-minute release includes elements of 70s hard rock, 80s glam, classic rock ballads, an appearance of instrumental prog, and even Frippertronic-esque soundscapes, all held together by Davis’ blazing and idiosyncratic guitar playing. “Even when I try to write what most would perceive as ‘normal’ music it comes out sounding a little left-of-center”, explains Davis. “So this is about as close to normalcy as I can get.”

Davis’ website,, provides a growing list of retailers and sites that offer Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto as well as his other releases, and his own Music page links directly to his BandCamp site to download the album at any price. The album is also available to stream in its entirety at,, and

About Jason Davis:

Jason Davis is considered to be one of the leading members of the resurging guitar movement of the 21st century. His maverick guitar styling, melodic/compositional sensibility, and “left-of-center” musical disposition have garnered him respect within the music community as well as led to artist relationships with Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, and Emerald Acoustic Guitars.

Davis’ playing and compositions are constantly heard in all forms of media – even though he may not be immediately recognized. He has written and performed music that has appeared on “Saturday Night Live”, “The Tonight Show”, “Access Hollywood”, E!’s “True Hollywood Stories” series, and countless others. He composed the theme to Court TV’s “Under Fire” series and has contributed music to the NFL, NBA, ESPN, and Fox Sports to use in all of their game and player coverage. Davis has also performed and shared the stage with such diverse artists as Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie/The Cure/NIN/Ozzy), MC Lyte, American Idol’s Clay Aiken, Days Of The New, Cee-Lo of the Grammy Award-winning group Gnarls Barkley, The Nixon’s Zac Malloy, Richard Lloyd (Television), and the Grammy Award-nominated Nappy Root.

On any given day, Jason can be found spending time with his lovely wife and children, performing with a menagerie of musical counterparts, constantly swapping out effects on his pedal board, and rethinking ways to take over the world with six strings, a cranked amplifier, and a renegade spirit.

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Download Version of New Album Available Now

Although the official release date is tomorrow, the digital version of the new album Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto is available now at AT NO CHARGE! The CD version of the album will be available tomorrow at with retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and to follow shortly.

FREE Download of “Prodigal Son” from the Forthcoming Album

“Prodigal Son”, the second song from the forthcoming album Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto”, is now available as a free download at Download the track, share it with your friends, and feel free to post the announcement on a social network of your choice. And don’t forget that Balance: The One-Forty-Seven Manifesto” will be released on CD as well as a digital download on as well as various music outlets.